I am available for talks and presentations to corporate institutions.


Topics include, and are not limited to:


  • Peak Performance

  • The pursuit of success and what it really means

  • Management lessons from athletes

  • Coping with setbacks

  • Charting your course and remaining motivated

  • etc.





I consult with teams and assist them in their mental preparation for events. This is mostly seasonal and it is advisable that teams work with a sport psychologist for the duration of a season. Working with teams is a dynamic process and it involves a good working relationship with the coach. Coaches often do well by scheduling a session with a sport psychologist. In these sessions they get to discuss various dynamics in the team and coach-specific mental skills needed to work with a team.


Examples of topics often addressed in team consultations:


  • Building and maintaining team cohesion

  • Effective communication

  • Leadership

  • Team goals

  • Team vision

  • Team dynamics

  • Focussing

  • Dealing with setbacks

  • Mental toughness

  • Team values

  • Understanding team roles

  • etc.




I assist athletes in working with aspects related to their performance. These can be issues that impact their performance negatively and are mostly directly related to the sport context. Sometimes it also involves issues outside the sport context such as relationship problems and work demands that have a detrimental effect on the athlete's sport performance.


I draw on the strengths of each individual and build from there. It is important for athletes to develop their mental skills and these include, and are not limited to:


  • Setting appropriate goals

  • Dealing with a losses and mistakes

  • Focussing

  • Being confident

  • Staying motivated

  • Dealing with anxiety and nervous feelings

  • Visualizing

  • Self-talk

  • Creating productive habits

  • Understanding and dealing with pressure

  • Creating and maintaining balance in life

  • etc.