My vision


Is twofold:



1.   Enhance the sport experiences of adult athletes, no matter the level of performance.

Each athlete is unique and brings his/her own story. They bring their reality and together we work with it.


What a privilege it is to see athletes mature, endure and find meaning in the journeys they are on. I always keep in mind that hearts are tender, that sport can be ruthless and that life isn't always fair. And we need to find a way to deal with that.


In my practice, we work hard and we cherish the efforts that are made. We tackle the tough stuff and together we grow, whether we are sitting in my office or standing next to the field or walking on court.


As athletes we experience hardships and joy and amidst that... we still have to perform. This forms part of the complexity of being an athlete. Therefore it is pivotal that mental skills training is an integral part of an athlete's arsenal.


2. Empower children with the mental skills needed to improve their experience of training and performing, creating meaningful sport experiences. 


Children rarely have access to sport psychology services. There are a variety of reasons for this and it is not limited to:


  • parents not able to invest in sport psychology sessions,
  • athletes living in rural areas and therefore do not have access to more advanced services,
  • more attention given to the physical component of performance,
  • schools not investing in sport psychology services and seeing it as the coach's duty to teach and instil mental skills.


This can be a problem in itself because coaches do not always have knowledge of sport psychology and how to teach children concepts that are seen as too difficult for certain ages and sometimes coaches see their duties to be limited to teaching technical skills. Parents noticing that their young athlete can benefit from learning about mental concepts but the parents do not know who to contact and maybe more specifically where to find someone who has experience in the field of psychology, sport and children.


This is my vision and I chip away at it every day!